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*If you want to stretch your budget, our 12-month lease to own program allows you to start using this valuable domain immediately after making your first monthly lease payment. After your 12th payment we will transfer full ownership of the domain to you. It is an affordable way to buy a memorable web address that will reward you for years to come.

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Easy and Secure Payment Options:

Buy Now payments covering the full price of the domain are handled through Escrow.com to assure complete security for both the buyer and seller. You will make payment to Escrow.com and they will not release your funds to us until you have received the domain name.

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Escrow.com accepts most standard payment methods including credit cards, check, money order and wire transfers (they do not accept PayPal). As the most trusted escrow service on the Internet, Escrow.com charges a transaction fee, but we will pay the full fee for their valuable service.

Lease to own payments can be made by any common payment method including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, check or money order. We also accept PayPal for lease to own payments.

Easy Domain Transfer:

Technological advances have made transferring a domain name from the seller to the buyer a much easier procedure than it used to be. In fact, if you open a free account with the registrar that currently holds the domain, we can instantly push the domain from our account to yours once payment has been received.
If you already have a domain registrar you prefer to use we will help you make the transfer between registrars a painless affair. A transfer between registrars takes longer (typically five business days to complete) but it is still a simple process.


Why .US Is A Great Choice:

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The great .com domain names were all taken years ago and are either prohibitively expensive or simply not for sale at any price today. However, it is still possible to get a great .US domain for an affordable price. That may not be the case much longer though. Millions of new businesses go online every year and each one of them is searching for a memorable domain name to build their Internet presence on.

Over 200 million domain names have now been taken worldwide making it difficult to acquire a meaningful domain name. That's why millions of dollars worth of currently registered domain names are being bought and sold every week (see the weekly domain sales report at Domain Name Journal to find out what hundreds of different domain names sold for this past week alone.

.US is the official country code extension for the United States of America. Every nation on earth has been assigned their own country code domain extension and around the world the national extension is the one people in most countries prefer to use. Using a .US domain tells your customers and website visitors that you are based in the U.S. and/or serve Americans online.

Thousands of American small and medium size businesses (SMBs) and individual citizens have already adopted .US (more than 1 million .US domains have been registered) and major international corporations are using it too including Shell.us, Transamerica.us, CarrabbasItalianGrill.us, Hitachi.us, Maserati.us, ClubMed.us, AirFrance.us, StingrayBoats.us, BASF.us and many others.

Why 3-Letter Domains Have Added Value:

Every possible 3-letter combination in all major domain extensions were taken years ago. They have always been in great demand because so many businesses use 3-letter acronyms as a short form of their full name. IBM, for example, stands for International Business Machines. 3-letter domains are easy to remember - the most valuable aspect of any domain name - and they are so short it is very rare for web surfers to accidentally mis-type the address and end up at the wrong website.

The popularity of three-letter domains has also made them great investments as the demand has steadily driven up prices over the years. If you buy one, odds are you will never want to sell it - but if conditions change it is good to know that your three-letter domain will remain a valuable asset.

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So What Are You Waiting For?

There is only one CTK.US domain on the Internet and once it is gone, it is likely gone for good. If you would like to buy or lease to own this domain, drop us a note with CTK.US as the subject in your email and we will take it from there:

Write to: Sales@InternetEdge.us

Internet Edge, Inc. is a Florida-based corporation that has been in business since the year 2000. We have an impeccable reputation in the domain industry as well as in the business community at large so you can buy with confidence knowing we will be here for you both before and after the sale.


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