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A Pioneering Intellectual Property Company Founded in 2000 

Internet Edge Inc. is a Florida corporation founded in the year 2000. For the past two decades we have been focused on helping intellectual property investors, website developers, entrepreneurs and business owners of all sizes acquire the unforgettable brands and domain name assets they need to succeed. The constantly changing environment in the physical world has taught us all that a strong online identity is absolutely essential for any enterprise to survive and thrive. A powerful web presence is no longer just an option, it is a necessity.

We are also web publishers and as such have been bringing this message to readers around the world since founding  the domain industry's premier trade magazine, Domain Name Journal at DNJournal.com in 2003. The award-winning publication has been featured in major mainstream media outlets, including USA Today, the Wall Street JournalBloomberg, the New York TimesNewsweekForbesCNN/Money, ABC News and BBC News, as well as in numerous local and regional newspapers and trade publications. 

On July 4, 2021 we launched our latest website, American Domain Names, The .US News & Information Website at ADN.US. .US is the United States of America's official country code top level domain (domain extension). As America's Internet Address, .US domains are used by many major companies, organizations, small businesses and individuals around the world, including Zoom.us, Aldi.us, MasterCard.us and many others. Approximately two million .US domain names have been registered, so you will be in good company if you choose a .US domain.

Internet Edge itself has a portfolio of over 1,800 carefully selected domain names that the company began acquiring in 2002. For maximum memorability (in most cases, the most important factor in choosing a domain name) we have specialized in short .com and .us domains, especially one-word domains and 3-letter acronyms (a 3-letter domain allows you to condense a long three-word name into just 3 letters, like ADE.US for example). All of our domains are offered at a Buy It Now price (no requirement that you make an offer or enter into time-wasting negotiations of any kind) - a price that is comparable to recent aftermarket sales transactions that are documented in DNJournal's bi-weekly Domain Sales Report.

You can browse and buy any of our domains on three of the world's largest domain sales platforms. At two of those, Afternic.com and  dan.com (both owned by industry giant GoDaddy) you can choose to pay in full or make interest free monthly installment payments. On Afternic our portfiolio is labeled BrandsPlus, on dan.com it is labeled Internet Edge). Since 2002, we have also relied on aftermarket pioneer Sedo.com to complete hundreds of safe and easy transactions. All three platforms provide ironclad escrow service at no cost to you that insure we are not paid until after we have transferred the domain to your account. 

Of course, you can also buy directly from us if you have already decided on the domain you want. Whatever option you choose, we look forward to helping you acquire a powerful and unique address that will be instrumental in establishing an unforgettable Internet identity.


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